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School Council - SepT 2022

The School Council has been elected for this academic year and have had their first meeting. See below the minutes from this first meeting. You will also see who has been elected to represent their class!


13th September 2022 


Mr Gardner 

Nyah & Bella - Y6 [Head Pupils]

Theo & Alex R - Y5

Effie & George P - Y4

Erin & Corey - Y3 

Delilah & Jacob - Y2

Maggie & Reuben - Y1

Apologies / absent






Mr Gardner introduced everyone and explained the processes of the School Council. 

Councillor badges were given out. 

Internet Code 

Mr Gardner asked if the code needed changing or updating 

The council would like to keep the licenses as they feel without them, children may become silly.

The council are happy with the code.

Behaviour Code 

[As above] 

The council would like to see the behaviour code on more posters around school.

The council happy with the code.

The death of Her Majesty the Queen and accession of His Majesty the King. 

Could we come up with something we’d like to say in assembly, and put up on our school website for the parents. 

Mr Gardner will upload the words to the website.


Alex YR5 what is the Christmas play this year?

George YR4 has been asked about starting a Pokémon fan club -  7 councillors seconded the motion. 

George asked to bring his gavel - motion seconded. 

Christmas dress up day? 

Dinosaur and dragon club. 

Drama club.

John Cena club? 

pet day. Pet race.

Mini paper boat race. Dwayne the rock Johnson fan club.

Shrek fan club. 

Mr Gardner to forward these suggestions to SLT.

Mr Gardner will ask about running these clubs and special days.

Date of next meeting 

Tuesday 11th October