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St James Primary School

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School Council Meeting - 08.11.22

Here are the minutes from today's meeting.


8th November 2022 


Mr Gardner 

Effie & George P - Y4

Erin & Corey - Y3 

Delilah &Jacob - Y2

Maggie - Y1

Mrs Jenkinson 

Apologies / absent

Nyah and Bella - Y6

Theo & Alex - Y5

Reuben - Y1





Updates from last meeting

Mrs Elliott says “the PTA are looking into buying basketball hoops and balls for the children; this is something they are keen to do.”

Little Ducks, Puffins and the School Council

How do we implement this? Last time it was agreed that we need a lower school council - how should this work and when?

The council suggested a small meeting called the Mini Council, but Mrs Jenkinson said that Little Ducks and Puffins were keen to attend the full meeting. 

We decided that we will ask for Little Ducks and Puffins to appoint councillors and then introduce the concept to them on the day before the next meeting. (Monday 12th December)


Mr Gardner asked if children were using the gym very often.

The children agreed that on Trim Trail days, they often prefer to use that than the gym. We decided to trial having the gym open to all every day, and not linked to the Trim Trail timetable.

Lunchtimes in hall

Corey asked if we could we reintroduce the film whilst the children are eating?

We decided that we could introduce this once a month or on special days.

DB Questionnaire

Mrs Jenkinson asked if there were any questions the council would like adding to the child questionnaire.

George suggested a question asking for comments on breaktimes.


Could we have Show & Tell days?

Mrs Jenkinson talked through the ECO DT days we have planned.

Year 6 and year 5 arrived late. Mr Gardner reminded them of the dates of the School Council meetings. Mrs Jenkinson suggested we had a School Council board where the next date would be up and the recent minutes.

Someone in year 4 would like a cricket tournament in the summer, like the football one we have coming up.

Could the Colour Me Calm club come back?

Mr Gardner to ask teachers.

Mr Gardner to locate a board for use.


Mr Gardner to talk to Mrs Duke and Mrs Fowler.


Mr Gardner to speak to Mrs Raymond

Date of next meeting 

Tuesday 13th December