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St James Primary School

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All Saints Day

On November 1st, All Saints Day is celebrated across the world.  St James Primary joined in the celebration by holding an All Saints Pause Day.  The children learnt about what a Saint is, and in an assembly, led by Mrs Elliott, they were taught all about Saint James.  Each class took part in a scavenger hunt around the school, searching for clues to match the various descriptions of Saints and each class learnt about and created some artwork around one Saint in particular: 

Little Ducks, Puffins and Owls - St Francis of Assisi (Patron Saint of animals)

Robins - St Valentine (Patron Saint of love)

Kingfishers - St George (Patron Saint of England)

Woodpeckers - St Patrick (Patron Saint of Ireland)

Kestrels - St Michael the Archangel (Patron Saint of military, police)

Eagles - Joan of Arc (Patron Saint of soldiers and France)

We even had the opportunity to show off our knowledge of Saints to the Archdeacon of Surrey, Paul Davies, who came to visit our school last week. 

Kingfishers celebrated St George and created shields representing 'courage'. 


Owls created some beautiful stained-glass windows with an animal of their choice, to represent St Francis.