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St James Primary School

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Weekly Menus

With effect from Tuesday 18th January, our caterers, Twelve15, will be providing packed lunches, due to the difficulty in recruiting catering staff.  This situation is being reviewed and we will continue to put pressure on Twelve15 to resume the hot meals service as soon as possible.

The packed lunches will consist of a filled roll, crudites, a handheld pudding or yoghurt and a piece of fruit.  Please see the choice of roll fillings below.

Please take time to look through the menu and discuss this with your child. 

You are able to change your lunch choices, add or delete a meal up to midnight the day before a meal is taken. 

If you have any queries, please contact  

There may be variations to the menu due to supply or other issues.


M = main, V = vegetable, O = Other     


M         Ham


O         Tuna mayonnaise 


Children on the gluten free menu will receive the same packed lunch as above, but served with gluten free bread and a gluten free option for pudding.

Children on the allergy aware menu will receive a suitable cold pasta pot as an alternative to the filled roll, and a suitable pudding and piece of fruit.



The menus below for children on special diets has been temporarily suspended.


Menus For Children With Special Diets

Vegan menu

Gluten free menu

Dairy free menu

Allergy aware menu (for children with more than one dietary requirement)

Egg free menu

Soya free menu

Gluten free vegetarian menu

Egg free vegetarian menu

Soya free vegetarian menu