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St James Primary School

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Inter-House Competitions 2022 - 2023 

Here are the competitions for the coming year. Check back for updates to the date they'll be running.


Competition Half Term 1

HM King Charles III Artwork – on A5 paper, design the new King a crown that represents not only the nations of the United Kingdom, but the Commonwealth as a whole. 

Letter Out: Thursday 29th September 

Assembly Launch: Monday 3rd October 

Deadline: Friday 14th October 

Judging: Tuesday 18th October 

Results: Thursday 21st October House T-shirts required

Artwork sent to Buckingham Palace!


Competition Half Term 2

Inter-House Quiz 

 Quiz held on Friday 16th December House T-shirts required


Competition Half Term 3

Photographer of the Year - Theme 'Thank you'

Launch: Monday 16th January

Deadline: Friday 3rd February

Judging: Tuesday 7th February

Results: Thursday 9th February House T-shirts required

Photographs will be displayed in the library


Competition Half Term 4

St James Bake Off 2022 - Theme 'Personal Heritage'

Launch: Monday 20th February

Heats and judging: Monday 6th March followed by cake sale

Finalists announced: Friday 10th March

Final Bake Day: Thursday 23rd March 

Staff Bake Off: Wednesday 29th March

Final Results: Wednesday 29th March  House T-shirts required


Competition Half Term 5

Sports Day 2022 - Thursday 25th May  House T-shirts required

Reserve Sports Day - Thursday 15th June

2022 - 2023 House Lunches

  • Summer - Friday 21st April House T-shirts required